Bratislava. minimal

Date: 04 February 2013

Probably that is very dubious photoset I did in Bratislava (Slovakia). below is a city center. I did pictures early morning on Sunday in June 2012.



Date: 14 December 2012

I had a chance to visit NYC in October 2012. that was my first visit and I spent there just a couple of days but I can say now it is a best city in the world. New York you took my heart!


Date: 29 November 2012



Date: 28 August 2012

I would like to share with you sensual film about Argentine Tango with incredible dancers - Iliya Ligostaev and Tatiana Berenzaft


Wedding Day. Stas and Ludmila

Date: 16 August 2012

Amazing and emotional wedding of incredible couple- Stas and Ludmila.


Stas and Maria

Date: 29 July 2012

Let me share with you some pictures from amazing wedding party from Stas and Maria. I would be happy to have a piece of those energy and emotionality. I would rather recommend you to see slide show. It could help you to understand party's atmosphere.


Ludmila and Stas

Date: 05 July 2012

Amazing and beautiful couple - Ludmila and Stas. I made for them a short evening photoset.


Anna and Alexey

Date: 01 July 2012

A few moments from amazing and beautiful couple Anna and Alexey. I would recommend also to look video which we did with them.


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